Snuza Hero Movement Monitor Medically Certified

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Product Overview

Snuza HeroMD was designed to continuously monitor your baby's breathing while they sleep. It's the first certified baby breathing monitor in Europe and has clinically proven to detect when a baby stops breathing. If your baby's breathing stops, the HeroMD will gently vibrate to rouse your baby after 15 seconds. If this does not work and breathing does not start after a further 5 seconds, the Hero will alarm so that you can act and respond quickly. Knowing when your baby stops breathing increases the probability of resuscitation, which may be a life-saver!


  • Easily clips to your baby's diaper
  • Gently vibrates to rouse your baby after 15 seconds of no breathing
  • Sounds a loud alarm after 20 seconds of no breathing
  • Monitors your baby's breathing while they sleep
  • Made out of medical grade plastic and silicone. BPA, Phthalate, Lead and Latex free
  • Lightweight and portable. No wires, cords or complicated sensor pads needed
  • Audible tick setting allowing you to "hear" your baby breathing motion
  • Adjustable settings to suit your needs

Available to purchase in store and online at Tony Kealys.