Ultra Light Silicone Soothers 0-6m X2

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Product Overview

Little mouths don’t always hold onto heavy baby soothers. If you’ve ever had to calm a tired baby, you’ll appreciate a soother that stays put. The ultra-light silicone baby sootheris light enough for even the smallest mouth and is sure to help them stay content for longer.


  • Ultra-light - silicone soother stays put in baby’s mouth longer so you don’t have to replace it every few minutes
  •  Calm and happy - because it doesn’t fall out of baby’s mouth, this ultra-light soother helps keep baby calmer and happier for longer
  •  Made from super soft 100% food-grade silicone – safe for baby, silky smooth soft silicone gives this soother a skin-like feel and texture so it feels familiar in baby’s mouth
  • Acceptance guaranteed – shaped, moves and flexes like our award-winning breast-like teats so baby is likely to accept this soother first time
  •  Anti-static - keeps dust away, to reassure parents about hygiene
  •  One piece silicone soother – easy clean and dishwasher safe with no bits to come loose
  •  BPA and BPS free – safe for baby

Specially designed to curve away from tiny noses and cheeks this soother helps to minimise skin irritation and rashes that can be caused by chafing on wet skin. Helping soothe and calm your baby.

Available to purchase in store and online at Tony Kealys.