Bugaboo Fox 3 Mineral Complete Black/washed Black

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Product Overview

The Bugaboo Fox is the most comfortable go-anywhere, do-anything stroller for you and your newborn or toddler and it just got better.The NEW Bugaboo fox 3 with it's improved ergonomic design features and colorful customization options make it one of the safestand most eye-catching rides in town.

The Bugaboo Fox 3 is so responsive you’re ready to go with just a touch, that’s why we call it Fingertip push. Explore off the beaten path outdoors or navigate sidewalk rush hour with the same amount of easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The iconic central joint paired with 4-wheel suspension and large puncture proof wheels make for a smooth, steady ride perfect for long, undisturbed naps.
The unique wheel spring suspension lets you glide over bumps and swiftly turn a tight radius when a surprise corner needs to be turned.
The innovative central joint works in perfect harmony with the rest of the stroller to absorb shakiness from going up curbs and on cobbles for that extra bit of comfort for your baby.
The outer ridge of the wheel has less contact surface with the ground, making the stroller easier to push while preventing wear.
The chassis was specifically designed to be sleek and sturdy, making it easy to maneuver, so you’re always in control going in any direction

What’s new? 

Breezy bassinet - The spacious bassinet has a new ventilation system that will make your newborn feel comfortable by helping them regulate their natural body temperature and keep them curious with a sneak peek of what’s going on outside.

New chassis color - The graphite option has a unique, high quality matte finish that looksjust as sleek on the streets as back home in the living room.

New colors - Get creative and choose your own colors andfabric types.

New fabrics - Choose from three incredibly soft fabric types and textures withpremium detailing. Their water repellent nature makes them perfectagainst surprise spills or accidental scuffs while up to some mischiefin the rain.

Quick-click harness - Your growing baby will be clear for take-off in just a few seconds.Because the super soft shoulder pads, a 5-point buckle, and securestraps that can befastened independently make the Fox 3, one ofthe safest seats in town.

Aerated mattress - With an advanced 3D mesh which enhances breathability, it helpsregulate your baby’s body temperature, sothey’re comfortable nomatter the weather.