Besafe izi fix- pregnancy belt

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Product Overview

Guarantees the correct position of the lap belt in the car.

BeSafe Pregnant iZi FIX can be installed with the ISOfix points in the passenger seat or back seat.  It can also be fitted using the strap provided in the front seats.

New design - more comfort - iZi to Fit

Pregnant iZi FIX has a contemporary fresh new design and more comfort than ever. The fastener holding the car seat belt low is also designed to rest forward to make it easy to sit on and fit.

Product information

Aids safe travel for pregnant women and encourages seat belt use during pregnancy.

Pregnant iZi FIX protects both the mother and the unborn child in the event of an accident and is recommended from the second month of pregnancy. The BeSafe Pregnant belt does not interfere with the basic safety performance of the 3-point car belt, but it helps to position the lap belt so it always keeps the unborn child safe. BeSafe Pregnant iZi FIX is crashtested for your safety.